Compassion for all animals.

We strive to eliminate the pain and suffering of animals, violence and discrimination against the weak,
and environmental problems caused by factory farming and animal exploitation.

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Silence only benefits the perpetrators. Raise your voice to save the animals.

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The animals are just holding on in distress and despair.

We will do our best to put an end to this suffering.

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ARCJ will do our best for the animals.

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Our Mission

We aim for a society where as many animals as possible can be as they want to be.

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About animal welfare, veganism, and animal-free fashion, see these specific websites for further information.




For the rights of animals to be as they want to be

ARCJ has been active since 1987 to eliminate the suffering of animals suffering under human control. Our main issues are animals used for food, clothing, recreation, and experimentation. The focus is on animals whose sacrifices are particularly numerous and neglected = chickens, pigs, fish, and cows.