Animal Rights Center protects various animals including those used in factory farms, clothing, zoos and aquariums, animal cafes, pets, and laboratory experimentation.
This is because animals are exploited in many circumstances. 

Almost all animals under human dominion are forcibly exploited by humans and are suffering. 

Please support our activities “wishing to end suffering of animals” and “wishing to end violence to the weak”.


Can educate 100 people about animal rights and issues.


Can save ~103 ducks and geese suffering from forced feeding.


Can help us lobby politicians to improve the conditions for farmed animals.


Can support proposals for improving horrible rearing conditions in zoos.


Can save ~105 animals killed for fur.


Can help us continue investigations to expose the reality within factory farms.

※ Calculated based on past achievements.

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Monthly Support

A donation program in which you can provide continuous support with fixed-amount donations on a monthly basis through automatic fund transfer.  Continuous donations allow us to make mid- and long-term improvements to the system in which animals are being exploited.
Payment will be processed automatically each month.

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*If you live in Japan, we will send you a receipt for receiving a tax deduction on your donation.  Please send us your name and address.

Animal Rights Center Japan is an Approved Specified Nonprofit Corporation since 2017 August 18.
You can receive a tax deduction on your donation if you donate over 2,000 yen.  If you would like to receive a tax deduction on your donation, you have to file your tax return.

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